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Sea Mystic
Sea Mystic
Sea Mystic
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Kelly green sea glass from the Caribbean suspends from hand beaded yellow, green and aquamarine triangular elements. We found the sea glass while wandering the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico and it was worn smooth only by warm tropical Caribbean surf. I hand beaded the triangular elements with glass seed beads and ultra strong beading cord using beading techniques that create a strong structure. I made these earrings with Niobium wire. Niobium is a beautiful dark grey metal. It is a very high quality metal that is hypoallergenic and it does not tarnish. It is an ideal choice for use in threaded beadwork designs because it is maintenance free. The sea glass is 3/4" L x just under 1/2" W. The beaded elements are 7/8"L x just under 3/4" W. The earrings are 1&1/8" L from the bottom of the ear wires.

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About The Sea Glass

Common Sea Glass

Kelly green is one of the most abundant types of sea glass. It is a beautiful bright green and is also called bottle green. It reminds me of the color of banana leaves and the lush color of the Caribbean summer rainy season. In Puerto Rico kelly green sea glass comes from lemon-lime flavored sodas such as 7-UP and Sprite. Heineken, Becks Beer and Presidente beer are not strong contributors to the source. When I first moved to Puerto Rico all types of Heineken and Becks Beer were bottled in amber glass. Many years later these beers started to appear in the familiar green bottles. Heineken is now affectionately referred to as "Palmolives" try to imagine Palmolive as it is pronounced in Spanish. Presidente is a green bottle beer from the Dominican Republic and is still fairly new. Kelly green was very abundant on the island's beaches long before beer in green bottles made the scene.

About The Beads

The small glass seed beads are very high quality Delica seed beads from Japan, they are undyed and will never fade or lose their colors. 

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