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Caribbean Moonlight
Caribbean Moonlight
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Caribbean Moonlight

Cornflower blue sea glass as dreamy as the Caribbean twilight sky suspends from beautifully handmade spiraling elements that represent the full moon setting into the Caribbean Sea. We found this sea glass on the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico and it was worn smooth only by tropical surf. Cornflower blue sea glass is considered by many collectors to be more rare than cobalt blue. Milk Of Magnesia was bottled in lighter blue glass before it was bottled in cobalt blue glass. This sea glass more than likely comes from older Milk Of Magnesia bottles. One of the sea glass pieces has some glassiness on one edge and that is reflected in the price.  Many sea glass jewelers would still consider this sea glass to be primo. I made the spiraling elements by hand with Argentium silver. Argentium silver is superior to traditional silver. It is purer, brighter and whiter than traditional sterling silver. This beautiful silver is also hypoallergenic. These earrings hang from my handmade ear wires which give sea glass earrings a high end artisan look and feel. The sea glass is approximately 3/4". The Argentium silver elements are approximately 3/4" L. The earrings are 1&1/2" L from the bottom of the ear wires. All Argentium silver. Authentic sea glass.

Rare Sea Glass

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