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Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry


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Kelly green sea glass from the Caribbean ( 3/4" L x 5/8" W ) and recycled glass beads ( 10mm ) suspend from beautifully handmade sterling silver ear wires. These fun and dangley earrings move beautifully while worn and have a soulful free spirit. We found the sea glass on the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico and it was worn smooth only by the warm tropical surf of the Caribbean. The beads are from Ghana and are made with recycled glass. They are made with glass bottles and other discarded glass items that are worked into a powder which is then placed into molds. The beads are fired in a kiln which is made out of termite mound clay that is fueled with crushed palm kernels. I hand-formed and forged the ear wires by hand with sterling silver wire. These beautifully handmade ear wires have an ancient and classical beauty. The earrings are 1&7/8" L from the bottom of the ear wires. Authentic sea glass.

Rare Sea Glass

One of a kind. You will receive the earrings pictured here.