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Mermaid's Treasures

Mermaid's Treasures
Mermaid's Treasures
Product image 1Mermaid's Treasures
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Kelly green, emerald green, teal and aquamarine sea glass from the Caribbean and Swarovski crystal beads have been hand pieced together with sterling silver wire. We found the the sea glass while wandering the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico. It was worn smooth by some of the Caribbean's most powerful surf in the waters off of Puerto Rico where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. I hand wired the sea glass together with sterling silver wire and finished this bracelet with a sterling silver dolphin clasp. This bracelet is very well made. The sea glass ranges in size from 10mm L to 15mm L and from 2mm W x 3mm W. The Swarovski crystals beads are 4mm to 6mm. Bracelet length 7&1/2". Authentic Sea Glass. 

You will receive the bracelet pictured here.

Why Is This Bracelet So Inexpensive?

I have been making sea glass jewelry full time for over 30 years and am experiencing a calling to explore other art forms. I am phasing out sea glass jewelry and am offering it to you for ultra low "bargain" prices. I am happy to let my sea glass jewelry go for very low prices while endeavoring this transformation.

About The Sea Glass

Kelly green sea glass and emerald green sea glass are common, teal sea glass is uncommon and aquamarine sea glass is ultra rare.

Kelly green is one of the most abundant types of sea glass. It is a beautiful bright green and is also called bottle green. It reminds me of the color of banana leaves and the lush color of the Caribbean summer rainy season. In Puerto Rico kelly green sea glass comes from lemon-lime flavored sodas such as 7-UP and Sprite. Heineken, Becks Beer and Presidente beer are not strong contributors to the source. When I first moved to Puerto Rico all types of Heineken and Becks Beer were bottled in amber glass. Many years later these beers started to appear in the familiar green bottles. Heineken is now affectionately referred to as "Palmolives" try to imagine Palmolive as it is pronounced in Spanish. Presidente is a green bottle beer from the Dominican Republic and is still fairly new. Kelly green was very abundant on the island's beaches long before beer in green bottles made the scene. Seafoam green sea glass is a frequent visitors to Puerto Rico's shores and we have the popular island drink Cuba Libre ( Rum & Coke ) to thank for that! Puerto Rico is the rum capitol of the world. Over the years Bacardi and various other Puerto Rican rum brands were bottled in light green bottles! Coca~Cola also has a long history go being bottled all over the world in similar colors.

Emerald green sea glass is a beautiful deep green. Possible sources for this sea glass are old stained glass windows and depression glass.

Teal sea glass more than likely comes from old wine or liquor bottles.

Aquamarine sea glass more than likely comes from old mineral water bottles or old glass insulators.

About The Beads

The beads are authentic Swarovski crystal. They are faceted and catch the light beautifully. The shapes are round and bicone. The colors are Peridot, Pacific Opal, Indicolite, Erinite and Fern Green.

Customer Service

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Jewelry arrives in a ribboned turquoise blue gift box and will be accompanied by a  printed jewelry description and a free gift of beach found seashells or sea glass. Sea glass is carefully packaged and arrives with a few extra pieces of sea glass.

All orders are shipped USPS Priority mail. Orders placed Monday-Thursday ship within 24-48 hours. Orders placed Friday-Sunday ship on Monday. Orders under $100 ship at a discounted rate of $5.00. We can not ship internationally.

I love making jewelry and it is very important to me that you are happy with your order. I am honored that returns/exchanges are few and far between. If for any reason you are not happy with your order please feel free to return it to us. Our return process is very simple. No questions will be asked and you will not be asked to give a reason. We must receive all jewelry in its original condition within 30 days of purchase. Once we receive your return we will refund you within 24 hours via your method of payment less shipping costs. If requesting an exchange please let us know as soon as possible so that we can hold the new item for you while waiting for your parcel to arrive. Exchanges are usually shipped within one business day. All exchanges are final. Please note with exchanges/refunds the shipping cost will be excluded. Please contact us before sending your return/exchange so we can provide you with shipping instructions.

Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry is the oldest sea glass jewelry business in the world. All of our sea glass is authentic. We are renowned for originality, quality of sea glass, excellent craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Lisl Armstrong has lectured at several sea glass festivals, wrote the foreword to the book "The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass" and was one of the first board members elected to the board of the North American Sea Glass Association.


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