Welcome To Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry

This image is of Plumeria flowers and aquamarine sea glass that was found on a beach in England.

Hi & Welcome to Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry! We are the oldest sea glass jewelry business in the world. Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry has a tropical soul and was created by myself, Lisl Armstrong, nearly thirty years ago while I was living in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I make all of our jewelry by hand with authentic sea glass that was worn smooth in the ocean and found on a beach. Other than a drill hole all of the sea glass in our jewelry comes to you as found on the beach, unaltered as nature intended it.

Our jewelry is very special in that it is truly artisan made. Production is never outsourced. With the exception of a dolphin shaped clasp I make all findings by hand ( findings are components that hold jewelry together ) as opposed to using mass produced purchased components. I enjoy making things by hand. I love it! For me there is no other way. I believe that objects of adornment should be soulful and evoke a sense of the mysterious. I strive to make jewelry that looks to have emerged from an ancient paradise. We collected most of our sea glass ourselves so we are able to offer you sea glass jewelry for good prices and I mean really good prices! Our pendants are an excellent buy and are now priced at “back in the day” prices. So enjoy and let your inner mermaid shine.

I met my husband Ronnie in the Caribbean and he is the support system for Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry. We now live in Sarasota County on the Gulf coast of Florida. We hope you enjoy visiting with us online. 

Love & Peace,

Lisl & Ronnie


Lisl Armstrong has served on the board of the North American Sea Glass Association, wrote the foreword to the book The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass, and has lectured at several sea glass festivals around the country.


Ronnie and Lisl Armstrong in Vieques, Puerto Rico.