Pink Sea Glass

Beautiful pieces of rare pink sea glass, hibiscus flowers and a flamingo.

The information we provide about sea glass colors is based on what we have learned from our own experiences of collecting sea glass in Puerto Rico. Much of the information about origin applies to sea glass found in the states and Canada as well.

We have collected pink sea glass that ranges from soft light pinks to intense deep pinks and even opaque pink! Most pink sea glass is a light pink and more than likely comes from Depression Glass.

Depression glass was produced in the US in the early 1900s and came in a range of colors. The items were mostly household glass such as table settings. It was mass produced, low end glassware. During the 1930s Depression glass was marketed as affordable glassware and could be purchased at five and dimes. It was also used an incentive by cereal and laundry soap companies which would often include a piece as a gift with purchase. Gas stations, movie theaters also used Depression Glass items as a gift with purchase.

Light pink sea glass can be hard to see on the beach and is easily confused as being white. Often you don't even know that you found a piece until you get home and sort it. Light pink sea glass has a subtle rose water beauty.

Sea glass in deeper, brighter pinks ( clear and opaque ) are even more rare than light pink sea glass. These ultra rare treasures more than likely come from old Avon bottles. Avon has been popular in Puerto Rico since it first came to the island in the 1950s.