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Florida sunshine shines on beautiful and rare yellow sea glass from England.
Is Your Sea Glass Authentic?

Yes, all of our sea glass is authentic beach found sea glass that was worn smooth in the sea. 

Do You Alter Sea Glass?

We never tumble, cut, color, reshape or artificially smooth any of our sea glass. Other than a drill hole the sea glass in our jewelry comes to you as nature intended it.

Do You Collect Your Sea Glass?

We are world travelers and collected most of the sea glass that we use in our jewelry. We also source sea glass from beachcomber friends in England, California and Hawaii.

Where Have You Collected Sea Glass?

We have collected sea glass in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, St. Lucia, Indonesia, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Canada. In The USA we have  collected sea glass in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, California and Hawaii. 

What Criteria Do You Use To Select Sea Glass Pieces For Use In Jewelry?

Sharp or cracked pieces are ruled out. We look for what is beautiful, striking or interesting. Most of the sea glass in our jewelry is fully or nearly frosted. Recessed areas such as air bubble impressions, textures and bottle rim threads may always remain glassy on a piece of otherwise fully frosted sea glass because these areas are inaccessible to the abrasive forces of the sea. Like naturally woven fabrics sea glass sometimes has some very minor flaws ( tiny glassy spot or some minor crizzling ). Overall our sea glass is some of the very best that is on the market. 

How Do you Determine Color Rarity?

With the sea glass that we collected in Puerto Rico we go by what the sea has taught us. Puerto Rico's history and culture are reflected in the sea glass that washes up on the islands beaches. We have an intimate knowledge of Puerto Rico's sea glass and our interpretation of rarity is sometimes different than widely held ideas.

With sea glass that we collected elsewhere ( or acquired from collectors ) we sometimes refer to the book "Pure Sea Glass" by Richard Lamotte for insight. This book was written based on a collection of 30,000 pieces of sea glass. We stopped counting long before this book was written after having collected well over 100,000 pieces of sea glass ourselves. We have more real life sea glass collecting experience than most and are amongst the best qualified to rate sea glass rarity. We consider the sea and the beach to be the most reliable teachers. 

How Is Your Jewelry Priced?

I make most of our jewelry findings ( the components that hold jewelry together ) such as ear wires, pendant bails and various links by hand. I am one of the only sea glass jewelers that works this way. Most use mass produced "purchased" findings to assemble jewelry with. As a result of my methods my jewelry has an elegant artisan look and feel and is of a much higher quality than jewelry that is assembled with purchased components. Our prices are based on sea glass rarity, the amount of time it takes to make, design and finish a piece of jewelry and by the materials used. Our jewelry prices are really, really good for high quality handmade jewelry. There is less expensive and more expensive sea glass jewelry on the market but Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry wins in value and in quality craftsmanship.

Are You Involved With The North American Sea Glass Association?

Yes, I have served on the board of the North American Sea Glass Association as the vice president under Richard LaMotte. I am honored to have been one of the very first to be elected to the board. In late 2011 two members of our family became terminally ill. I called the president of the NASGA and my fellow executive board members in early January 2012 and told them that I needed to step down as soon as possible because of what was going on in my family. On Thursday January 12, 2012 I told the rest of the board members that I resigned in early January. The board asked me to hold off on the announcement so there would be a smooth transition. Once things were in line for the transition an announcement was sent out to the membership and I officially stepped down. I remain on excellent terms with the board. My resignation was pure and clean and had nothing to do with any personal or business conflicts. If I ever wanted to join the board again nothing hinders me from running for or holding a position on the board. The decision to leave was mine and mine alone and was based solely on the fact that my energies were needed for more important things that had to do with my family. If I had not resigned I would probably still be on the board. I am honored that the NASGA still to this day asks for my help with various projects. I co-authored an educational card about sea glass which was distributed at the last North American Sea Glass Festival.

Do You Buy Or Sell Sea Glass?

We have a large collection of sea glass that we collected ourselves. A few years ago we finally relented to the idea of not using sea glass that we collected ourselves and started sourcing sea glass on a limited basis from friends and reputable collectors. This has given us the opportunity to work with different types of sea glass and to get to know sea glass collectors from all over the world. We are true beach collectors and most of our jewelry is made from sea glass that we collected ourselves. 

How Long Does It Take Sharp Glass To Be Completely Worn Smooth In The Sea?

No one nows for sure. The general consensus is that it takes decades for the sea to transform broken glass into beautifully sea changed treasures. In areas with powerful surf glass is transformed at a quicker rate than in areas that have little wave action.

Why Doesn't The Rough Sea Break Glass?

The water cushions the glass while allowing just enough impact with suspended sand, rocks, corals and the sea floor to abrade it without breaking it. You may find sea glass that had at one point been fully frosted by the sea but then was later broken when it became briefly airborn when the sea threw it against a sea wall or rocky shoreline. Imagine the difference between throwing a handful of marbles into an empty swimming pool. Most of the marbles would shatter. Now imagine throwing a handful of marbles into a swimming pool full of water. The marbles would descend gently to the bottom of the pool because the water is cushioning them. 

Mermaids Tears?

There are a few different terms for sea glass such as beach glass, drift glass or mermaids tears. In writing you will sometimes see seaglass or beachglass. Sea glass can also be called beach glass. In the Great Lakes regions beach glass is the term used. There is even such a thing as river glass.