Matching Sea Glass For Earrings

I actually love matching sea glass earrings and find it to be very relaxing and comforting. I think this is because we collected 99% of our sea glass ourselves mostly in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We are prolific collectors. I started this endeavor while I was in my early twenties and it is magical to me that a piece of sea glass that I select to make jewlery with today could have been collected by me when I was in my twenties. When I go through my sea glass it reminds me of my countless beach walks and some of my canine companions who have since gone over the rainbow bridge. It is a very comfortable intimacy that I experience while sorting earring matches.

I always match earring pairs on a table that is covered with a white table cloth. I find that it is essential to do this outdoors in the sunlight so that I can see color and frost variations. I have never even attempted to do this indoors. After a having a strong cup of coffee I gently pour the sea glass onto the table and start to organize pieces that are similar in size and shape. It can take a while to get the first match but after that it all seems to flow. It is kind of like playing the card game concentration. I usually leave the table set up throughout the day and keep coming back to it to look for more matches. By evening everything gets put away and the table is moved back to it's place in time for dinner.

I leave the table set up like this all day and come back to it and look for more matches throughout the day.