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Many moons ago I found a cobalt blue piece of sea glass on a beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico. From that point on I became a professional beachcomber. I was on what was meant to be a two week vacation at the time. Knowing that colorful gem like treasures washed ashore on the beaches of Rincon made it impossible for me to leave. A year later my return ticket to the states expired.  I have sold my sea glass jewelry creations from a table on a beach, in my own gallery space and on this website.

I met my husband in Puerto Rico and we moved back to the states in 2002. We now live in Bokeelia, Florida. 

After decades of making sea glass jewelry for a living it is time for me to move on! I have retired from making sea glass so that I can take the time to dive down deep and explore new directions.

Lisl Armstrong 

Ronnie and Lisl in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Ronnie & Lisl in Vieques, Puerto Rico


Vieques, Puerto Rico


On the beach collecting sea glass in Seaham, England. Ronnie on the beach in Seaham, England collecting sea glass.


Ronnie and Lisl in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona, Spain


The Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Beachcombing on Prince Edward Island

Beachcombing in Prince Edward Island, Canada


Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego, California.

Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego, California.


 On the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Beachcombing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina


Lisl Armstrong in Australia.

In Australia in the 1990s during a six month camping trip, this baby kangaroo was orphaned and was being raised by a family in the bush. 

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