Lime Green Sea Glass

This lime green sea glass was collected by Lisl Armstrong in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

The information we provide about sea glass colors is based on what we have learned from our own experiences of collecting sea glass in Puerto Rico. Much of the information about origin applies to sea glass found in the states and Canada as well.

Lime green is an uncommon sea glass color and has a vibrant and energizing beauty. Possible sources for this type of sea glass in Puerto Rico are various kinds of old, vintage soda bottles such as Coco Rico soda bottles. Coco Rico has been around since the 1930s and is a coconut soda from Puerto Rico. It has a long tradition of having been bottled in green bottles which celebrate the color of green coconuts.

Much of the lime green sea glass found on the beaches of Puerto Rico is thin to very thin. This could be because the glass items it comes from where made of a lightweight glass or because the glass itself was not a hard glass due to the pigments used for colorants or for other reasons related to the formula that was used to make the glass. Softer glass will wear down faster than harder glass in the sea. Lime green sea glass from California tends to be much thicker and more than likely comes from old vintage soda bottles.


These are old vintage coconut soda Coco Rico bottles from Puerto Rico.

Coco Rico bottles from Puerto Rico


This lime green sea glass was collected by Lisl Armstrong on a beach in Florida.

Lime green sea glass found on a beach in Florida