Sea Glass Jewelry Care

Handmade sea glass bracelet with cornflower blue sea glass.

I am more than happy to clean jewelry that you have purchased from Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry! This service is complimentary. However, I do not cover the shipping cost. If you would like to send your jewelry in for cleaning please contact me for details.

I have been making sea glass jewelry since 1987. I take the greatest care in making jewelry that is very strong. I strive to make sea glass jewelry that with proper care will last for generations.

I wear sea glass jewelry everyday and over the decades I have learned about what holds up well over time and what does not. I no longer make jewelry styles where silver or other metal charms are draped over a piece of sea glass. The reason is that as the charms move across the sea glass they will leave silver deposits. Sea glass jewelers refer to these metal deposits as "swing marks". Swing marks and other metal marks are almost impossible for the lay person to remove. Even if the swing marks are successfully removed it is only a matter of time before the swing marks develop again.

How To Care For Your Sea Glass Jewelry

These instructions are for sea glass jewelry that is made with Argentium silver, fine silver, sterling silver, 14k gold and copper.

Prevention - Prevention is your first line of defense! While not wearing your jewelry store it in a ziplock plastic bag. Even the best quality precious metals can behave strangely when exposed to lotions, perfumes and chlorine etc. Avoid wearing lotions, perfumes and cosmetics anywhere on your body where jewelry touches. Never wear your jewelry into  a chlorinated pool or into the ocean. 

Maintenance: Gently washing your jewelry with warm water and Dawn dish soap on a regular basis will help to prevent tarnish build up on the silver and the sea glass.

Cleaning Your Sea Glass Jewelry: To remove tarnish and to clean the sea glass I recommend using Weiman Silver Wipes or a foaming silver cleaner such as Wrights Silver Cream or Goddards Silver Polish Foam. The foaming cleaners come with their own sponge. Use with warm water ( never hot water ) and dry with a soft cotton cloth such as a washcloth to avoid watermarks.

Silver dips, polishing cloths and silver cleaning pastes are not recommended. Silver cleaning pastes will leave a residue in the nooks and crannies of the sea glass and wirework. Both polish cloths and silver cleaning pastes leave a residue on silver which when mixed with lotions, perfumes, body oils, chlorinated and salt water could cause the silver and your skin to discolor. Silver cleaned with polishing cloths will dull quickly. Many jewelers rinse jewelry after using polishing cloths in the studio. Ultrasonic cleaners can damage precious metals and glass and should never be used for sea glass jewelry.

Silver With A Patina - Never use silver dips on jewelry that has a patina because it will remove and destroy the patina. Goddards Silver Polish Foam and Wrights Silver Cream will clean the jewelry piece beautifully and remove tarnish while leaving the patina intact.

Tarnish Stains On Sea Glass: Don't worry if you have not performed any of the maintenance or cleaning recommended above. Over a long period of time tarnish stains and smudges may migrate to the sea glass. With proper care this can easily be prevented and resolved. To remove tarnish stains from sea glass apply baby oil to the sea glass with a cotton ball or cotton swab. This will completely remove tarnish stains and most types of dirt from sea glass. You can pour baby oil directly onto the sea glass and rub it with your fingers or a cotton ball then wash with warm water and dish soap. Then use Goddards Silver Polish Foam to clean the tarnish from the silver. Baby oil will not harm the silver or any of the beads used by Out Of The Blue Seaglass Jewelry.

The Frost

Bringing Out The Color: White frost is a common sea glass characteristic. However, when worn as jewelry the idea is to show off the color of the sea glass. To bring out the color more lay your sea glass on a paper towel and apply a very small amount of baby oil with a cotton swab to the sea glass. Then blot off as much of the baby oil that you can with a paper towel. That way enough will remain on the sea glass to intensify the color without leaving any residue on your clothing. This will not harm or cause sterling silver to tarnish.

Bringing Back The Frost: Even if sea glass is never treated with baby oil the frost will diminish overtime from being handled and worn. The frost becomes more and more transparent from absorbing natural body oils and from absorning moisture from the air. The frost is still there and washing your sea glass with warm water and dish soap will return it to a frostier state.

Jewelry Repair: Repairs are handled on a case by case basis. If the problem is due to craftsmanship the repair or comprable replacement piece of jewelry will be free of charge. Other repairs will be priced individually.