Artist Statement

Full moon setting into the Gulf Of Mexico off of Captiva Island, Florida.


With the modern day sea goddess as my muse I make jewelry for free spirits and old souls. I am wildly energized by the sea, the ancient world and the elemental beauty of sea glass. Materials, tools and techniques are equally important to me. Sea glass is the spark and focus of my jewelry. In addition to sea glass I often incorporate old trade beads, beads made from recycled glass and natural gemstones in my designs to achieve harmonious and sometimes surprising color compositions. Enchanted by the luminous moonlight beauty of silver I use Argentium Silver and sterling silver sheet metal and wire to serve a range of purposes from structural foundations to the purely ornamental. I use techniques and simple hand tools that have changed little over the millennia. Shortly after moving to the Caribbean, where I first started making jewelry, I started to have recurring dreams which serve as infinite inspiration. In these dreams I am wandering on a beach with vibrant white sand and a crystal clear turquoise blue sea. On the beach are countless amphorae of various sizes. In this dream as I wander up to an amphora and gaze into it I experience a sense of oceanic abundance. Visions in the dreams described above and waking life moments spent in nature inform my jewelry making. I believe that objects of adornment should be soulful and evoke a sense of the mysterious. I strive to make jewelry that looks to have emerged from an ancient paradise. My jewelry creations are a direct result of moments I have experienced in nature that have filled my soul with a sense of primal beauty and calming tranquility.

Lisl Armstrong 2017