Amber Sea Glass

Beautiful amber sea glass that was found on the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico.

The information we provide about sea glass colors is based on what we have learned from our own experiences of collecting sea glass in Puerto Rico. Much of the information about origin applies to sea glass found in the states and Canada as well. 

Many are quick to jump to the conclusion that amber sea glass comes from brown beer bottles. Amber sea glass comes from a vast array of sources of and yes beer bottles are on the list.

Amber sea glass descends from a wide range of fascinating glass items and some pieces date back to the late 1800's. Old Clorox and Lysol bottles along with tobacco snuff and jars, medicinal bottles/jars, beer bottles and even brown mason jars have all contributed significantly to the creation of amber sea glass.

In addition to the sources listed above amber sea glass from Puerto Rico comes from Puerto Rican beers like Tigre, India and Medalla and Puerto Rican malted sodas such as Malta India and Goya. Beck's beer and Heineken bottles could be a possible sources as these beers were once bottled only in amber glass on the island.

The images below show various types of amber sea glass from Puerto Rico.


The images below show amber sea glass that was found on beaches on the gulf coast of Florida.


Amber sea glass from Seaham, England.