Sea glass pendants are one of the most popular forms of sea glass adornment. Wire wrapped or in a drilled setting it always feels good to wear a piece of sea glass near your heart. A beautiful way to celebrate the soothing power of a calm and tranquil sea. Handmade only with the finest precious metals. To celebrate our thirty year anniversary of making sea glass jewelry we are now offering sea glass pendants for very low prices!
Crimson Orb Pendant with multicolored sea glass that was found on a beach in Seaham, England and Argentium silver.

Crimson Orb

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$ 18.00

Enchanting Porthole Locket with kelly green sea glass that was found on the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Enchanting Porthole Locket 25mm

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$ 25.00

Ocean Spirits Necklace with sea glass, a seashell and Argentium silver.

Ocean Spirits

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$ 135.00