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Why Are My Prices So Low?

If you have been following Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry for a while then you may already know that in early 2017 I announced that I would be retiring from making sea glass jewelry full time and that the process would take 2-3 years. I am not sure if “retiring” was the right word. I have been making sea glass jewelry for over 30 years and I am interested in exploring many other things including other art forms. So for the rest of 2019 and most of 2020 I am going to be phasing out sea glass jewelry so that I can set sail on my new journey. I have been slowly liquidating over the last two years and am really going to pick up the pace hot and heavy now. Look for new additions on my website because a lot of sea glass jewelry is on the way. The benefit of all of this to you is that I am offering jewelry for ultra low "bargain" prices. I am happy to let my sea glass jewelry go for low prices while endeavoring this transformation. I will still be available to you for customer service and to answer your questions once I have finished this process. I will be starting a new business and launching a new website next year and Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry will remain online. Thanks to all of you that have been part of Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry! I hope you enjoy scoring some amazing sea glass jewelry bargains!

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