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I'll Have A Rum & Coke

A large piece of seafoam green sea glass ( 1&3/8" L x 1" W ) from the Caribbean suspends from a handmade sterling silver bale. This frosty sea glass treasure looks to have come from the bottom of a bottle. We found it on a beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico and it more than likely comes from a rum or Coke bottle! Seafoam green sea glass is a frequent visitor to Puerto Rico's shores and we have the island's favorite drink Cuba Libre or Rum & Coke to thank for that. Over the years Bacardi and various other Puerto Rican rum brands were bottled in light green and light aquamarine bottles! Coca~Cola also has a long history go being bottled all over the world in similar colors.

This pendant has sold. Contact me if you would like me to let you know when I have more jewelry with seafoam green sea glass available.

The two images of sea glass below show two rum bottle bottom rounds. One is from a Bacardi bottle and the other is from a Jose Gonzalez Clemente & Co. rum bottle. 


A fun assortment of rum and Coke sea glass that we found on the beaches of Puerto Rico!


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  • I took these pictures a long time ago and am not sure where all these pieces are! I will let you know if I can get a similar assortment together. Thanks!

    Lisl Armstrong
  • Hi Lisl is the assortment of rum and Coke sea glass for sale?


    Justine Ryan

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