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Dancing Water Spirits

I needed some cheering up so I made these earrings!  I felt like making something that was dreamy and watery and that was also playful and fun. These earrings are the result!

 Cobalt blue sea glass worn smooth by some of the Caribbean's most powerful surf sways beneath beautiful blue beads. We found the sea glass on the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico. The largest beads are 10mm and were made in Ghana with recycled glass. As a fun and unexpected accent I used 4mm size zig zag shaped glass beads. To intensify the dreaminess of the blues I topped these earrings off with 6mm Swarovski crystal beads in a color that Swarovski calls Caribbean Opal. I made the ear wires by hand with  sterling silver wire and they have an ancient and classical beauty. The sea glass is 5/8 L x 1/2" W" . The earrings length is 2&1/8"  from he bottom of the ear wires.

These earrings are available for purchase here: Dancing Water Spirits 

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