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Red Sea Glass

The color red is associated with power, passion and wealth. It is no wonder that red sea glass is coveted. Coming across a piece of red sea glass on a beach is always a huge thrill.

In Puerto Rico red is the most common of all the rare colors. On some beaches it is not unheard of to find several pieces in one day. More red sea glass is found on the islands shores than in most other sea glass locations and the reason may be politics!

The 1930s saw the birth of the Partido Popular Democrático ( Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico ) known as the "Populares." Red is the color that is used to symbolize the Populares. The movement that started the PPD was led by Luis Munoz Marin who is considered to be the architect of Puerto Rico's political structure. He was a poet, journalist and a politician and helped to form the Populares. He went on to be the first demcocratically elected governor of Puerto Rico.The Populares heavily dominated the Puerto Rican political scene for decades and cultivated an intense political pride throughout the island. Red clothing, household decor and products bottled in red would have been in very high demand. To this day people in Puerto Rico strongly display their political loyalty with color.

Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby glassware such as dishes, cups, glasses, bowls, platters, vases etc. along with Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby Schlitz and Coors beer bottles are often credited by collectors as being the source for red sea glass so we will start there. The Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation produced a line of red glassware called Royal Ruby from 1938 to 1967 and then again briefly in the 1970s. In the 1950s Schlitz beer asked Anchor Hocking to create a red beer bottle for them and Schlitz Beer was bottled in Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby for a short run throughout the 1950s.

One overlooked source for red sea glass ( along with many other sea glass colors ) is old Avon items! Avon first came to Puerto Rico in 1954 and has been immensely popular on the island ever since. The Avon modality of going door to door is well suited for Latin American culture. Many vintage Avon products were bottled in red glass. Avon has also produced red glass dinnerware and decorative household items.

Other Sources include car, boat and channel marker lights along with various other types of household and decorative glass.

A close up of the patina on a piece of dark red sea glass. A patterned piece of red sea glass with an interesting frosty patina. A closeup of the orangey gold patina on a bright red piece of sea glass

Interesting Patina - Many pieces of red sea glass have an unusual patina in that the sea glass frost is orangey gold in color. The images above show several pieces from our collection with this characteristic.


Red sea glass from Rincon, Puerto Rico

Red Sea Glass From Rincon, Puerto Rico 


Rare red sea glass from Rincon, Puerto Rico

Red Sea Glass From Rincon, Puerto Rico 


 Bright Red Sea Glass From Rincon, Puerto Rico


Rare patterned red sea glass from Rincon, Puerto Rico.

 Patterned Red Sea Glass From Rincon, Puerto Rico


Rare red sea glass that was found on a beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

 Red Sea Glass From Rincon, Puerto Rico


We have also found pieces of rare red sea glass while beachcombing in Costa Rica and England. The images below are of sea glass that was found on the northeast coast of England.


Red sea glass from England.

Red sea glass from Seaham, England.
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