On A Wild Adventure In The Studio

Freeform pendant with sea glass, a seashell and sterling silver wire.

The holiday shopping season was chaotic and blissfully overwhelming and many sections of my website sold out entirely! Things were going full throttle everyday and it took about two weeks for my mind to slow down once it was all over with! I did escape into my studio for some late night jewelry making and designing sessions. My studio is a sanctuary where time stands still and visions of ancient seas and ancient adornments fill my soul and fuel my creativity. Here are some of my new creations!

This necklace was handmade by Lisl Armstrong with sea glass from Puerto Rico and California, a seashell from Tahiti and sterling silver wire.

Handmade sea glass bracelet with fine silver, sterling silver and authentic sea glass.


Update April 2016 - The two necklaces and bracelet pictured above have sold. 

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