New Enchanting Porthole Lockets

Sea glass lockets ith authentic sea glass.
New Enchanting Porthole Lockets Just Added


We have just finished adding new sea glass filled Enchanting Porthole Lockets to our website! Our lockets are filled with beautiful sea glass that was collected on beaches in Puerto Rico, California and England. We will be adding many more lockets in the coming weeks with beach found seashells and ancient fossilized sharks teeth. One thing that you will never find in any of our lockets or jewelry is sea creatures such as seashells, sand dollars and starfish etc. that were harvested live. Millions of these lovely animals are harvested live annually for the souvenir and craft industry. Many consumers of these items never stop to think about their origin and how they were sourced. The practice of harvesting these sea creatures live is environmentally destructive and unsustainable. Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry is dedicated to raising awareness about the sea life industry. 

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