Introducing Our New Enchanting Porthole Lockets


We are so happy to introduce our new beautifully affordable Enchanting Porthole Lockets. We launched our new locket line a few days ago and each and every one of them sold out within hours of being added to our website. Many more are on the way so stay tuned.

We fill these lockets with beautiful sea glass and beach found seashells and fossilized sharks teeth and are offering these fun lockets at bargain prices. We only work with seashells that we found ourselves abandoned by their animal on the beach. We never use any sea life items that were harvested live such as starfish, sand dollars, sea horses etc.  

Our lockets are made of highly polished stainless steel and has clear glass on a beveled frame on both sides. A magnetic clasp keeps the locket securely closed. These lockets are fun to wear and are fairly easy to open. You can rearrange or change the contents at your whim. Filling these lockets with sand or items that will crumble is not recommended because grains of sand etc. will quickly work their way into the hinge mechanism.

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