Magical Matching Multis

Earrings with multicolored sea glass from Seaham, England Calling All Sea Sirens! Magical things have been happening in our studio. We are especially excited about some of our newest arrivals - Earrings with multicolored sea glass! These enchanting pieces of sea glass are like sea-jewel dreamscapes and have a contemplative beauty. Our simple earring design leaves the sea glass uncovered so that the color striations are visible from all angles.

This sea glass was found hiding amongst the sea pebbles on a beach in Seaham, England near the site of a now vanished Victorian glassworks. During the Victorian age this glassworks stoked it's furnaces with locally mined coal and produced glass items around the clock. Glass scraps in a wide range of colors including multicolored scraps were routinely tipped into the North Sea. What was once meant to be forgotten now emerges from the North Sea as frosty sea jewels. The ultimate story of transformation!

We have spent a lot of time exploring beaches in Seaham, England. The conditions are often foggy and rainy and sea glass can be hard to see hiding in the pebble spread. We found ourselves looking for sea pebbles that appeared to be holding light! The picture below is of the North Sea on a sunny and calm day.

The North Sea off of the coast of Seaham, England. 

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