Caribbean Nirvana!

Handmade earrings with rare aquamarine and cobalt blue sea glass that we collected in the Caribbean.

For many years we wandered beaches in Rincon, Puerto Rico all day just about everyday. With a jug of water, tropical fruit for snacks, a bag for our treasures we spent our days collecting sea glass, seashells etc. This was before the internet ( we didn't even have a phone for many of those years! ) and before sea glass became popular. On most days we were the only ones collecting sea glass and practically had these epic beaches to ourselves. As a result of this we have an incredible collection of Caribbean sea glass! We have just finished adding some earrings with really beautiful pieces of aquamarine and cobalt blue sea glass that we found in Puerto Rico and will be adding more very soon. These treasures are as beautiful as the Caribbean surf from which they emerged ~ Enjoy!

Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry

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