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Wandering Deeper Into The Wilderness

This necklace was handmade by Lisl Armstrong with sea glass from Puerto Rico and California, a seashell from Tahiti and sterling silver wire.

On my last blog post I announced that I would start adding new jewelry to my website in February. I have wandered off the path and have found myself wandering in the wild and all I want to do is keep going deeper and deeper into the wilderness. I have been indulging my creativity in the studio and am going to keep going hot and heavy until sometime in March. While I am in this production frenzy I will not be adding new jewelry to my website in the coming weeks. I will be adding new jewelry to my website towards the end of February and will continue to add more just about everyday after that. A LOT of new jewelry is on the way. I will do my best to keep posting previews here of new creations.


The necklace above is one of my newer pieces. In this piece I worked freeform shaping, coiling and spiraling thick gauge sterling silver wire with simple hand tools. I antiqued the silver to create a patina to give this piece some real soul. The sea glass is from Puerto Rico and California. The seashell is a beautiful cone shell that I found empty abandoned by it's animal on a beach in Tahiti. Please stay tuned for more previews of my new creations!

On A Wild Adventure In The Studio

Freeform pendant with sea glass, a seashell and sterling silver wire.

The holiday shopping season was chaotic and blissfully overwhelming! Many sections of my website sold out entirely during the holidays. Things were going full throttle everyday and it took about two weeks for my mind to slow down once it was all over with!

I did escape into my studio for some late night jewelry making and designing sessions. My studio is a sanctuary where time stands still and visions of ancient seas and ancient adornments fill my soul and fuel my creativity.

In the new year I am now doing the final finishing on many new creations and am working on a lot of new designs. I will start to add new jewelry to my website in February. In the meantime I will continue to add blog posts here with previews of some of my new jewelry creations.

Mermaids Dream Earrings

Mermaids Dream Earrings handmade with aquamarine sea glass from California and sterling silver ear wires.

Mermaids Dream Earrings -  Beautiful pieces of beach found sea glass are strung onto strands of silver wire that I shape, forge, smooth and burnish by hand into ear wires that have a soulful and ancient elegance. Why do I call this style Mermaids Dream? These earrings are something that I imagine that a mermaid would make for herself with sea softened sea glass that washes up in her cove. In these earrings the elemental beauty of natural sea glass speaks for itself. Sea glass worn smooth only by the forces of nature harmonizes with sterling silver that has been worked by hand. Let your inner mermaid shine!

Beach Found Treasures

This dark green sea glass was worn smooth by the North Sea and was found on a beach in Seaham, England.

Introducing a NEW section on our website!!!!! We have explored beaches all over the world and have an abundance of sea glass and other beachcombed treasures. Our studio is overflowing with sea glass, seashells, ancient fossilized sharks teeth and all other kinds of really cool stuff that we found on a beach. We are now destashing some of our beach found treasures to create space for a new project and yes for more treasures from the beach!

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New Sea Glass Earrings

New sea glass earrings with authentic sea glass and handmade sterling silver and 14K gold ear wires.

Our studio has been going full turbo all summer long! Lots of new earrings with sea glass from California, Puerto Rico and England were just added to our website today. Our earrings hang from beautiful ear wires that were made by hand in our studio. Every detail matters! This finishing touch makes a huge difference and gives sea glass earrings an ancient elegance. We will be adding lots of new jewelry just about everyday throughout September and into the fall!