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Argentium Silver

Sea glass earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces with sea glass and Argentium silver.

For many years now I have been hearing about a highly tarnish resistant silver called Argentium silver. Earlier this year I decided to work with this silver and have fallen in love with it. When Argentium silver sheet metal and wire first arrived in my studio I prefinished one of the sheets with sanding paper and was amazed by how beautiful the silver looked. Before working with a length of wire I pulled it through a pair of wire straightening pliers and was amazed by how the silver behaved. Argentium silver behaves so well while doing both cold work and torch work it is almost like working with gold.

Argentium silver was developed in England by a master silversmith and has become a fast favorite by some of the world's most accomplished metalsmsiths. In the USA one of the worlds leading jewelry making suppliers Rio Grande has really championed this silver and offers great support to jewelers that are now working with it. Many goldsmiths who rarely worked with sterling silver in the past are now working with Argentium silver because it is similar to gold in how pleasurable it is to work.

Argentium Silver is a really beautiful and luxurious silver It is superior to traditional sterling silver and is purer, brighter and whiter than sterling silver. It is made with 100% recycled silver and is highly tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic. This silver is as dreamy and beautiful as silvery moonlight on the sea.

Now, about the tarnish resistance. Yes this silver is very tarnish resistant. After months in my open air studio in Florida all of my Argentium silver looks beautiful and is tarnish free. All silver does tarnish and when Argentium silver tarnishes it is like it almost does not mean it. The tarnish starts out very light and is very superficial. It is very easy to care for.

I am now working mostly with Argentium silver and 14 karat gold. At this time some of my jewelry designs can only be made with sterling silver. I use a sterling silver dolphin clasp in many of my bracelet designs and for consistency I still make these bracelets with sterling silver so the metal matches in color.

Handmade sea glass jewelry with Argentium silver.

Beachcombers Cove Bracelets

Handmade sea glass bracelet with multicolored sea glass that was found on a beach in Seaham, England.

Some of my newest creations! Beautifully handmade bracelets with an abundance of really, really beautiful multicolored sea glass. I made these bracelets with traditional sterling silver and finished them with a length of spiraling chain and a dolphin clasp.

These sea glass treasures were found on a beach in Seaham, England near the site of a Victorian era glassworks. Each one has a magical beauty and is like an enchanting dreamscape. They all look so beautiful grouped together and seem to enhance and empower one another.

These bracelets are available in the Sea Glass Bracelets section of my website. The bracelet in the bottom picture sold instantly. Look for more jewelry with these sea glass beauties in the coming weeks!

Handmade bracelet with multicolored green and white sea glass that was found on a beach In Seaham, England.

Handmade sea glass bracelet with blue and white multicolored sea glass that was collected on the beaches of Seaham, England.

Handmade sea glass bracelet with beautiful multicolored sea glass that was found on the beaches of Seaham, England.

Handmade sea glass bracelet with teal and white multicolored sea glass that was found on the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico.

On A Wild Adventure In The Studio

Freeform pendant with sea glass, a seashell and sterling silver wire.

The holiday shopping season was chaotic and blissfully overwhelming and many sections of my website sold out entirely! Things were going full throttle everyday and it took about two weeks for my mind to slow down once it was all over with! I did escape into my studio for some late night jewelry making and designing sessions. My studio is a sanctuary where time stands still and visions of ancient seas and ancient adornments fill my soul and fuel my creativity. Here are some of my new creations!

This necklace was handmade by Lisl Armstrong with sea glass from Puerto Rico and California, a seashell from Tahiti and sterling silver wire.

Handmade sea glass bracelet with fine silver, sterling silver and authentic sea glass.

Update March 12, 2016. The two necklaces pictured above have sold. The bracelet is still available and will be added to my website towards the end of March.